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Brief Introduction to MBA program


    Anhui University, the key comprehensive provincial institution and applying Chairman Mao’s epigraph as its name, has a long school-running history. Founded in 1928 in Anqing and moved to Hefei in 1958, Anhui University, is now a well-developed comprehensive higher institution with high reputation supported by the government under the State 211 Project during the period of the Ninth Five-year Plan and the Tenth Five-year Plan. It is plays a more and more important and irreplaceable role in the economic construction and social development in Anhui Province.

    The University consists of 19 schools, 43 departments, 63 undergraduate specialties in the subjects of literature, science, technology, philosophy, economic, management, law, history, and art, 16 PH.D. programs, 1 Post-doctor's scientific research flow work station, 1 first-level PH.D program, more than 30 scientific institutions, and 118 Master degree programs. In addition, Anhui University provides the professional Master degree programs in Law, Project, MPA, and MBA. Seven majors provide in-service training for Master degree for teachers of higher learning and the major of Business Administration can provide the double BA degree. The university owns 2 State Key Disciplines, 5 State 211 Project Key Discipline construction programs, 12 Provincial Key Disciplines, Key Labs under the Ministry of Education, Research Institution for Human & Socail Sciences under the Ministry of Education, Project Research Centre and 3 Provincial Key Labs. The comprehensive subjects can provide MBA various optional courses.

     The School of the Business Administration of Anhui University was founded in the February of 2001 with the combination of the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Accounting, and the Department of Tourism Management of the original School of Economics The School originated from the Department of Economics of Anhui University, which was founded in 1961 and rebuilt in 1979. In 1988, the Department of Economics was developed into the School of Economics of Anhui University and it once adopted the name “The Meilng School of Economics” upon the cooperation with the Meiling Group, first exploring the practice of the cooperation between the institution and the enterprise among the colleges and universities. The School of Business Administration of Anhui University consists of the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Tourism Management and 8 undergraduate majors. The school has 4 Master degree programs: Business Management, Accounting, Tourism Management, and Technological Economy Management, 1 double BA degree program in Business Administration and the major of Enterprise Management can provide in-service training for Master degree for teachers of higher learning. The undergraduate major of Business Administration has a 26 years history of education, having trained thousands of undergraduate students, graduates MBA candidates, and thousands of trainees majoring in Enterprise Administration in the graduate courses. Rich MBA educating and managing experiences are accumulated.

     The major of Business Administration and related professional disciplines in Anhui University have a high-quality, competent teaching staff with the middle-aged instructors as the backbone in reasonable title structure, age structure and academic credential structure, who are potential to be the qualified teacher force in MBA education. Through the integration of teacher resources, the university offers a professional team of 40 full-time teachers in MBA education, 60% of whom have or will have a doctorate, 100% of whom have the professor or associate professor titles. Most teachers have business advisory management consultant experience. In addition, we also employ experts and scholars with profound and practical management knowledge and experiences as part-time professors and instructors.

 Main Features of MBA education of Anhui University

1、 Emphasis on the international prospective in MBA program

    The MBA program of Anhui University always pays close attention to the practices of first-rate international school of Business, applying the two-way exchange approach to train the teaching staff of MBA program, expanding the student exchange projects, and employing the CEOs of the first-rate and transnational corporations and the famous scholars to form the MBA Consultancy Committee of Anhui University. In recent years, the School of Business Administration has established the inters-chool and inter-institution communications with the University of Maryland of the U.S.A., the Kobe University of Japan, the University of Hong Kong, the Baptist University of Hong Kong and Philippines Delasaier University, laying a good foundation for the exchange of MBA program.

2、 Emphasis on the Actual Combat of MBA program

    The MBA program of Anhu University attaches the importance on the case teaching, enabling the students to master the methods of analyzing and solving the problems concerning the Business Administration through the combination of theoretical learning and case teaching. The school plans to improve the construction of MBA case store and establish the case searching and management consulting system with large and medium-sized enterprises, forming a two-way service system with the MBA program as the core.

3、 Emphasis on fostering the talents with all-round knowledge and professional skill in MBA program

    Making use of its disciplines advantage, the MBA program in Anhui University offer many optional courses in Modern Enterprise Administration, Marketing Management,
and Finance and Accounting on the basis of the condition and tradition
of the university. These optional courses provide a free and professional developing space for the trainees, molding a characteristic MBA education.

4. Emphasis on the joint between the MBA program and career of the trainees

    To link the MBA program with the career of the trainees, the School of Business Administration of Anhui University takes advantage of its own regional vantages and has established stable personnel agency system with well-known enterprises, to which the MBA candidates usually are sent. Openness, fairness and impartiality are the principles of MBA program of Anhui University. In addition to taking part in the unified MBA examination organized by the National Ministry of Education, the candidates also are required to participate the interviews by the School, in which the training potential of the individual will be evaluated through finding out his or her educational background, working experience, moral awareness, comprehensive analytical capabilities, flexible response capability, cooperation consciousness, communication skills, manners and other aspects.
The MBA program of Anhui University provides full-time learning and in-service amateur learning. In addition to enrolling the students in the scheme of the Ministry of Education, it also recruits the in-service enterprise administrators to acquire the MBA degree. For more information, please contact the MBA Education Center. Welcome ambitious young men to register for the entrance examination to MBA program of Anhui University!

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