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 Department of Business Administration

    This department offers two undergraduate majors (Business Administration and Marketing), one major of Business Administration providing the second BA degree, and one master degree program in Enterprise Administration. It is in charge of four research centers: the Marketing Management Research Center, the Corporation Governance Research Center, the Corporation Culture Research Center, and the Investment Management Research Center.
The goal of the department is to cultivate innovative talents who embody certain strategic management ability and operating ability, love the motherland, and can undertake the work of management, teaching, and research in the enterprises and government.

 Department of Accounting

      The department offers the two undergraduate programs in Accounting and Financial Management, and one masters program in Accounting.
       With the tenet of conducting the scientific research, cultivating the talents, upgrading the culture, serving the society and promoting the social and economic development of our country and province, the department tries to cultivate the innovative, high-quality and professional financial accountants who have sound basic knowledge, professional skills and a wide range of practical knowledge. They can undertake the work of accounting, auditing and financial management in enterprises, government departments, financial security institutions and accounting firms or undertake the teaching and research work in the colleges and universities.

 Department of Tourism Management

     The department offers undergraduate, and masters program in Tourism Management and is in charge of one Tourism Programming and Research Center.
     The department endeavors to develop the professional creative and pioneering talents who master the professional and systematic knowledge of business administration and tourism management, who can bear the ability of management, and who have a good command of the knowledge concerning the law, economy and management. After the graduation, they will engage in the work of tourism administration, propagandizing and teaching in the tourism administration departments, tourism enterprises or the colleges.

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