A Brief Introduction to School
of the Business Administration of Anhui University

    The School of the Business Administration of Anhui University was founded in the February of 2001 with the combination of the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Accounting, and the Department of Tourism Management of the original School of Economics. The School originated from the Department of Economics of Anhui University, which was founded as the Department of Politics in 1961 and rebuilt in 1979. In 1988, the Department of Economics was extended into the School of Economics of Anhui University.

    The School of Business Administration of Anhui University consists of the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Tourism Management and six research centers, including the Tourism Programming & Research Center of Anhui University, the Marketing management Research Center of School of Business Administration, the Corporation Regulation/Governance Research Center, the Corporation Culture Research Center, the Investment Management Research Center and the Financial Consultancy Center. School of Business Administration owns 8 undergraduate majors. They are: Business Administration, Accounting, Tourism Management, Financial Management, Marketing, Business Administration of double BA degree, etc. Concerning the adult education, the school has the majors of Economic Management, Accounting, and Tourism Management and is partially in charge of the self-taught examination of the major of Financial Management. The School of Business Administration has 6 programs for Master’s degree. They are: Business Management, Accounting, Tourism Management, and Technological Economy Management, MBA and Business Management for the in-service college teachers. The number of graduate students of the School runs up to 92 and the School also has 47 in-service college teacher-students of the Major Business Administration, 27 students of double BA degree system, and 1493 undergraduates. During the period of "Tenth Five-year Plan", the school also has trained over 900 students in the graduate courses for advanced studies, 1100 adult education and correspondence students and 3000 students in various short-term courses.

    The School of Business Administration boasts a qualified faculty of over 70 employers, including 8 full professors, 20 associate professors, 55 full-time instructors and 10 doctors and in-office doctors. Considering the reality of industrial and commercial enterprises, the School has been endeavoring to cultivate high-level talents in the Business Administration from the establishment three years ago, successfully opening up the continuing education training course for the senior accounting talents and the general managers’ qualification authentication training course of the travel agencies in Anhui Province. Meanwhile, the School has a good educational cooperation with several offices, bureaus and large enterprises, such as the Office of Finance Province of Anhui province, the Tourism Bureau of Anhui province, the Town Enterprise Bureau of Anhui province, the Office of Communications of Anhui province, the Office of Public Health, the Branch of China Life Insurance Agency in Anhui Province, Ankai Groups etc.

Combining the theory with the practice, the teaching and research staffs of the School of Business Administration study the reality of the industrial and commercial business administration of our country, the economic development of Anhui province, and the theories and strategies of business administration, gaining a lot of practical and important achievements. During the State’s Five-Year Plan Period, they have published 323 academic research papers, including 53 in national key learned periodicals and state-level periodicals and 270 in provincial level periodicals. In addition to being in charge of the writing or participating in the writing and publication of 16 academic works, the School has undertaken 21 longitudinal scientific research projects, I state-level project among them, 8 items of project at provincial and ministerial levels, participating in more than 10 horizontal scientific research projects of government and corporations, and one of them has won the provincial prize. Comment on Anhui Business Administration, whose publication is in the charge of the School of Business Administration, analyzes and probes into some important theoretical and practical problems in the economic development in Anhui province, producing good social influence.

    During the Tenth Five-Year Plan and the second stage of the 211 Project, School of Business Administration was guided by Anhui University’s construction, based on master’s program of enterprise administration, and supported by business management, accounting, tourism management and financial management. It developed graduate education with great efforts, strengthened scientific research, and established key disciplines and research direction to improve scientifical research level. School of Business Administration focused on improving the teaching staff and it has cultivated a high-quality teachers’ team. What’s more, it centered on teaching and cultivating talents, continuing to further reform teaching methods and make the building of basic teaching facilities prior in order that it could ensure teaching quality would develop gradually. In addition, it regarded serving local economy as its purpose, strengthening cooperation with enterprises, probing into the new way of combination of teaching, scientific research and practice and exploring the new developing space of disciplines. In the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, School of Business Administration will further see the situation clearly and opportunity for development in the future to reach a new stage of discipline construction and enhance the comprehensive ability.


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